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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 2020 @ 9am & 4pm BST
11am AST (Barbados)

If you’re a business leader responsible for leading a team to success, or a coach, consultant, or trainer supporting team/leader development, then this 90-minute masterclass is for you. Join us and discover what you need to know about emotional intelligence at work.

Sponsored by Genos International – No Cost.
Profiles Caribbean is a Genos Certified Partner.



Due to your Client Account Officer 's understanding nature, I now have a better understanding of the process of creating PXT profiles and Step 1 assessments’ – I am very grateful – Keep up the good work!

Lisa Gill - Human Resources Associate Barbados Light & Power
Profiles Caribbean has been providing G4S Security Services with several types of assessments over the years. Profiles' products help eliminate mistakes when recruiting thus aiding internal cost control.

Geri-Ann Austin - Human Resources Manager
The Bullet Proof Manager course held by Profiles Caribbean taught me so much more than I thought I knew already. Having been a main Administrator for a company for nearly 20 years I felt I knew it all, how to deal with people, how to settle conflicts within the company both between staff and with customers…as one would feel from a position of authority, you have been there and done that. Yes, very experienced with most scenarios but this course and the many presenters showed me how to harness those life learned experiences and hone them through the use of some very valuable skills.

Bruce Lambert, Armstrong Agencies- Crestcom Participant

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